Couples Counselling

Identify your destructive patterns, understand the underlying issues, and learn new communication skills.

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Attracting the One

Get the skills and tools you need to attract and form an intimate relationship with your ideal partner.

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About Ann Jay

Ann is a qualified counsellor and relationship coach and has trained in Gottman and Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples.

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Having a great relationship begins with YOU ...

Hi, I'm Ann Jay, relationship coach and therapist.

Whether you need marriage, couples, individual relationship coaching or therapy, I can empower you with information and awareness about you, your partner and your relationship.

I've  been helping couples and singles in Wellington (and now via online) to get clear about what they want or need, to feel empowered to make those changes and find deep inner contentment and joy in their lives.

My service is convenient, private, and cost effective. Online relationship therapy and coaching sessions are also available. Watch my video below to learn more.

Introductory Video

Are you struggling in a lonely, disconnected relationship?

Are you single and wanting to learn how to be in a healthy fulfilling relationship?

I work with women, men, couples and singles, to get clarity and confidence to get into a healthy relationship, or to fix a struggling disconnected relationship, or move forward without regret.

So, in my mind, there's no wrong decision, except not making a decision and remaining stuck and unhappy.

After working with me, you'll know the answer.

Through couples or individual relationship
therapy, you can have:

A trusting and meaning long term relationship with someone you deeply love.

Renewed sexual vitality with your partner and a renewed zest for life.

Open, honest, and respectful communication where you are truly heard.

Shared meaning, purpose and vision for your life and your relationship.

Conflict that gets resolved and brings you closer together.

“I would highly recommend Ann Jay, she has really helped me through a hard time in my life. She is very friendly, professional and easy to talk to. Thank you AJ, for all your help.”


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