What people say about Ann's therapy and coaching.

Over the years, we have been to several counsellors and we are so grateful we struck gold by seeing Ann. Words can not tell Ann how grateful we both are.

Ann Jay helped us see where our short- falls were, and what we needed to focus on for us to reconnect. We have gone from two individuals struggling, to one team focussed on us. At times it wasn’t easy, but the difference is amazing and definitely worth it.

Ann Jay has this ability to see through the problems and the difficulties and find the root cause. She communicates this in a way that makes sense and explains it in a way that is sensitive and thought provoking. She allowed us time to think, to react, and we certainly didn’t feel pressure to work through things at anything other than our own pace.

Ann Jay immediately grasped an understanding of my issues which gave me the confidence and trust I had found someone to help me work through some long term issues that had been greatly affecting my personal life and relationships. With a great listening ear and ‘tool belt’ of ideas and techniques, Ann Jay has helped me immensely. I highly recommend Ann Jay’s specialist services. Thank you for all your help Ann Jay.

“Thanks AJ – I have really enjoyed the process. Many thanks for bringing me to this point. I have a much greater awareness, acceptance and compassion for myself to take away from our sessions. I would recommend AJ’s services to others.”

We were on the brink of collapse after 18 years together, having let our issues consume us to the point where we were disrespectful, unloving and showing contempt toward each other.

Fortunately we found Ann Jay and attended a Couples Three Day Intensive. Ann Jay assisted us to evolve over the three days which we can only describe as astounding!

She delved into our issues with respect and dignity, she probed our concerns and developed strategies for us to positively move forward. Ann Jay completely changed our lives!

She is a complete professional who we trusted immensely and felt an instantaneous rapport with. Thank you Ann Jay for supporting us into our healthier and loving relationship (number two).

“I would highly recommend Ann Jay, she has really helped me through a hard time in my life. She is very friendly, professional and easy to talk too. Thank you, AJ, for all your help.”

Thanks, AJ, making the space to delve into some inner issues in amongst the busy daily routines of life has been important to me, especially the confidential nature of these sessions.

When they’re tough issues it’s immensely valuable to have a qualified & experienced woman to be in your corner and help work your way through them…hopefully to find your own direction better.

When own thoughts become a bit foggy it has been fantastic to have AJ help calm & navigate!