Individual Relationship Coaching

Get the deep, meaningful and loving relationship you desire and deserve.

Getting Clarity through Coaching

In a relationship, we expect that among the good times, there will be some tough ones as well.

While it is relatively easy to ride the wave of the not so great times, what happens when the difficult times far outweigh the good ones?

What happens when you can't even recall the good times anymore?

How do you ever get a comfortable feeling so alone in your marriage that, even though you have someone by your side, there's no one in your corner?

What happens when someone cheats? Can it be salvaged or is the only answer to leave?

What if you feel like you've tried everything- including couples counselling- and nothing has worked to bring you to real clarity.

Individual Relationship Coaching

It doesn't matter where you're at right now ...

Married but feeling alone.
Blindsided from an affair.
Longing to feel more connected and wondering if there's a way back?
You're hurting and unhappy, stuck and feeling lost!


I can help you move forward...

In my Relationship Coaching Practice, I interact with women every day who feel stuck in disconnected and unhappy marriages for years - sometimes decades.

They stay for reasons they believe are real and justified. For a lot of women, it's the kids. For many, it's fear.  OMG, I don't know if I can face... being alone forever!

For some, it's simply easier to stay stuck, because then they never have to take any scary action one way or the other.

Facing and healing what's not working in our relationships or lovingly releasing them, takes courage.

What makes it even harder is when we inside the pain and disconnection of our relationships, its virtually impossible to see, let alone act on, a solution.

These are the reasons I've devoted my coaching career and my heart to helping, empowering women to get unstuck and have the kind deep, meaningful and loving relationships they desire and deserve.



Don't waste any more time...

Most women spend years on couples counselling, complaining to girlfriends or reading every self-help book they can get their hands on. Unfortunately, they never truly find the answers they're seeking.

Within eight weeks, I help women either transform their relationship or gain absolute clarity that the answer is to release the marriage lovingly.