Couples Intensive Programme

Reconnect, restore, repair and rejuvenate your relationship.

Evidence-Based Couples Therapy

The intensive program uses a variety of evidence-based approaches. It is an increasingly popular and highly effective way for couples to reconnect, restore, repair and rejuvenate their relationship.

The intensive programme is a personalized 3-day intensive programme either online or in the comfort of Ann’s office in the CBD of Wellington.

The sessions run from 8:00 am – 2 pm each day. There is a total of 15 contact hours between the couple and Ann.

Couples intensive counselling

Reduce Stress and Resolve Conflict

While this can be a difficult emotional process for the couple, the age-old saying of “ no pain no gain” truly resonates with this style of couples work. Intensive sessions are proven to have the benefit of reducing couple's distress, resolving specific conflict issues, and increasing a sense of closeness and intimacy, leading to a stronger, more resilient and more satisfying relationship.

Your intensive programme will consist of 5 hours with Ann per day. Each day will be broken down into 3-4 sessions of between 90-120 minutes. Due to the intensity of this process, there will be regular breaks throughout the day.

Testimonial for the Intensive Couples Programme

We were on the brink of collapse after 18 years together, having let our issues consume us to the point where we were disrespectful, unloving and showing contempt toward each other. Fortunately we found Ann Jay and attended a Couples Three Day Intensive. Ann Jay assisted us to evolve over the three days which we can only describe as astounding! She delved into our issues with respect and dignity, she probed our concerns and developed strategies for us to positively move forward. Ann Jay completely changed our lives! She is a complete professional who we trusted immensely and felt an instantaneous rapport with. Thank you Ann Jay for supporting us into our healthier and loving relationship (number two).

While Intensive Sessions are personalised for each couple, depending on the extent of their issues, some of the areas you can expect to cover in your intensive sessions include:


Conflict Management | Strengthening Friendship
Deepening Intimacy | Building and Maintaining Connections
Creating shared meaning | Enhancing Passion and Romance


Couples that would benefit from an intensive programme:

  • Couples who want to lay the best possible foundation for their relationship going forward.
  • Couples who are experiencing relationship distress.
  • Couples who want a condensed and highly focused intensive approach to specific issues.
  • Couples who are time poor, want highly focused and rapid resolution

Couples that the intensive programme is not suited for:

  • Those with severe relationship distress.
  • Those with significant emotional or physical abuse.
  • Those with addictions to drugs, alcohol or gambling.
  • Those with severe mental health problems.
  • Those with an undisclosed or ongoing affair.
  • If either partner is currently experiencing suicidal, homicidal or self- harming thoughts.

If you are unsure if you should attend, contact Ann and she will help you to assess if this programme is for you.  No worries at all!