Attracting the One

A Seven Week Dating and Relationship Programme

Create Amazing Changes

Dating and Relationship Coaching will create amazing and positive changes within yourself, your life and your relationships. It will help you move past your known and ‘unknown’ obstacles to experience the life and love you deserve.

Dating and Relationship Coaching empowers you with the confidence, skills and tools you need to take charge of your life and open yourself up to attracting and forming an intimate relationship with your ideal partner.


How does it work?

Seven-week programme
The first session is a one-hour explorative coaching session.
Six - 40 minute online sessions.


Signs Dating and Relationship Coaching may be for you:

  • You lack confidence, skills and knowledge in the dating game
  • You feel like you tend to attract or choose the wrong type of men/women
  • You’ve had a string of dates and relationships with people who aren’t right for you
  • You are starting over after a relationship break up or divorce
  • You want to get over your ex and open yourself up to a new relationship
  • You feel lonely, anxious or depressed on your own
  • You find it difficult to commit or trust others in relationships
  • You are afraid of getting your heart broken again
  • You are starting to panic about time passing by you
  • You compare yourself to friends in relationships
  • You are still holding onto past relationship/s
  • You feel stuck in life and love

What results can you expect?

  • Understand the blocks that are stopping you from letting someone special get close and become more comfortable with intimacy.
  • End self-sabotaging behaviours and start self-loving behaviours.
  • Increase your self - esteem and confidence so you can go after what you want in your life and relationships.
  • Resolve painful experiences from the past so you can create an exciting future with a new life-partner.
  • Open your heart to new connections and more considerable excitement in your life.
  • Start creating your best life to bring in your perfect partner.