Attracting the One

A Seven-Week - 1-1 Private Coaching Program to prepare you for a happy, healthy lasting relationship.

Have you tried just about everything to find your special someone but it never lasts?

  • Are you feeling frustrated, discouraged and powerless in your search for love?
  • Feeling like you may never meet anyone at all.
  • Feeling like your destiny is to be single for the rest of your life.
  • Perhaps you’re recovering from a relationship breakup and want to take action to prepare yourself well so you can have a very different relationship experience next time.

Attracting the One Program


I will guide you through this acclaimed 7-week process across eight one-on-one sessions – online or in person.

I will support you to go deeply to identify and release your particular unconscious inner obstacles (and sometimes even conscious ones!) - the old "baggage" that has stopped love from taking root in your life.

Across Eight sessions, you will:

• Discover the specific ways you've been unconsciously playing a part in your disempowering patterns in self and romantic love

• Transform the patterns of the past and learn how to attract a great partner by altering who you're in life

* Get super clear on who and what you're looking for in a relationship

• Create a vision of what happy, healthy love would look like and receive support to realise this dream

• Transform yourself into the most beautiful, authentic version of yourself

• Grow a deep love and appreciation for yourself as a basis for relationships with all others.