How does online relationship counseling and coaching work?





How does online relationship counselling and coaching work?

Online Sessions uses the same setup as any other video conferencing. You are in the privacy of your home, and you call using the zoom. All you need is a good internet connection, a working microphone and computer, and your chair.
With online couples counselling, there will, of course, be two chairs.
Can you do online couples counselling or coaching, if you and your partner are actually in different locations or even countries? Yes. Zoom, for example, can do ‘group’ video calls.

This can be useful if you are in a long-distance relationship, one of you are travelling, or you are in the midst of a separation but want to either have a constructive ending or see if you can salvage the relationship. The benefits of online Relationship Sessions.

There are many upsides to consider. These include:
1. You save money.
Time is money, and doing sessions from home means you don’t have to travel to and fro from your therapist’s office. And if you have children, assuming they are old enough to play quietly in an adjoining room, it can make a babysitter no longer necessary. This is also the case if you have an elderly parent at home who needs care.

2. You are more likely to both make the appointment.
In-person couples sessions represent two times more chances of something coming up to stop you making a session. Online therapy still works if the babysitter cancels, the car breaks down, the train is cancelled, or even if one of you is poorly. A cold or a bit of flu matters less if you don’t have to leave the house.

3. It means attending each session is not used as a weapon between you.
When a couple is in conflict, therapy sessions can become part of the bargaining. “You better not upset me today or I won’t go to the session tomorrow”. When the sessions arin your own home, these sorts of games lose their power. You are both at home, you might as well do the session.

4. If one partner travels for work, you can still attend the session.
Many therapists are fine with occasionally working with one partner on a third line (or always, if you live in different countries).
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