Relationship Counseling and Coaching isn’t just for couples.




Relationship counselling and coaching isn’t just for couples

I can coach you to overcome your blocks to intimacy and find the life you’ve dreamed of!

Can You relate to any one of these?

* Help! I’m feeling so frustrated and lonely because, after all this time, I still can’t find a partner.
* I’m tired and sick of online and offline dating merry-go-round
* I feel despair and hopeless about ever finding a life-long partner.
* When I start to get close to someone I sabotage the relationship.

What results can you expect?

Through my singles coaching and counselling services you can:

* Understand the blocks that are stopping you from letting someone special get close and become more comfortable with intimacy.
* End self-sabotaging behaviours and start self-loving behaviours.
* Increase self – esteem and confidence so you can go after what you want in your life and relationships.
* Resolve painful experiences from the past so you can create an exciting future with a new life-partner.
* Open your heart to a new connection and greater excitement in your life.
Are you ready to start a rewarding relationship?
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Ann Jay

Ann Jay is a Wellington Relationship Counselor who provides marriage counselling, couple's counselling, and relationship coaching for couples and women either in a relationship or single. Her goal is to help people create healthy, loving and fulfilling relationships and experience the love they deserve.