Isn’t it time you put some fun and romance back into Valentine’s Day



At some point, for most couples, date night goes from fun and exciting to “Um, what do you want to do?”

If you have busy jobs and families it’s even hard to make time for a date, and just planning it out may feel overwhelming. Valentine’s Day is upon us though, and it’s the only day in the year that actually celebrates coupling—embracing it is much more joyful than denying it.

Here are 12 ideas for a romantic (and fun) Valentine’s Day date.

1.Karaoke night…with wigs and sunglasses.

2.Get your favourite takeaway and have an evening picnic in a park.
3.Backyard bonfire, beers optional.

4.See a matinee movie (bonus points if you smuggle in your own chocolate).

5.A walk on the beach is a fine date—find your sweetie a seashell for a Valentine’s gift.

6.Take a scenic drive, bring along a cooler with beers and sandwiches—a reliably good time.

7.Stay in, turn off all technology, have a quiet candlelight dinner. See what happens in the dark.

8.Take a yoga class together, then while you’re extra flexible…

9.Visit a vineyard for a wine tasting. Bring home a bottle for your next date night.

10.Take a long walk–it’s simple but romantic and it’s a low-pressure activity where you both get to decompress.

11.Bowling is not considered romantic: make it so. Bring joy to a bowling alley.

12.Have a movie marathon.

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