Why couples fight about money?.. Here are the 8 common reasons..




As we all know that many of the big issues in relationships are housework, sex, kids, and money.

So here’s an interesting infographic that shows you eight eye-opening findings of money and relationships.

Secret spending, secret bank accounts, differences in approaches to saving and spending habits are some of the biggest deal breakers when it comes to money and relationships.

The infographic below is based on data from the U.S., though it’s likely they statistics are fairly similar in most western countries.

Check out the infographic below.

Can you relate to any of these findings in your relationship?

8 Eye Opening Findings About Money & Relationships

  1. Finances are the leading cause of relationship stress
    35% of people experiencing stress in their relationship said money was the cause of tension. Annoying habits came in second at 25%. (SunTrust Bank survey)
  2. Spending & saving is in the eye of the beholder
    34% of individuals that were part of a couple said they were the savers and their partner was the spender. Only 13% said the reverse. 47% of respondents said they and their partner had different spending habits. (SunTrust Bank survey)
  3. No need for consultation
    35% said they do not consult with their partner about large purchases. (SunTrust Bank survey)
  4. Hide money rather than argue about it
    One in five Americans say they have spent $500 or more and not told their partner.(CreditCard.com poll)
  5. Keeping secrets
    6% of Americans maintain secret accounts or credit cards. (CreditCard.com poll)
  6. Savers are sexy
    55% believe a strong budgeting and saving strategy was the most appealing money-related quality when considering a relationship partner. (Ally Bank survey)
  7. Birds of a feather flock together
    75% say it’s moderately to highly important to find a partner that has a similar approach to money and budgeting. (Ally Bank survey)
  8. Bad spending habits lead to fights
    One third of respondents said that their money related fights were because of spending, rather than saving habits. (Ally Bank survey)



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