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Having an open, honest dialogue with myself helps me to communicate with my partner.

I communicate effectively with others because I am true to myself.

My partner and I are able to have a deeper level of communication because I am fully aware of my thoughts and feelings. I know what I want to say because I have thought it through and talked realistically and honestly with myself first.

My relationships are important to me and I value my ability to communicate my inner thoughts effectively. I am able to do this because I practice what I want to say before I say it.
Coming to a full understanding of myself allows me to think through any frustrations and realize how my words may affect my partner.

I can vent frustrations, share excitement, and be prepared for conversations by first reflecting on my own needs. Oftentimes I find that what I really want to say is very different from the way I first felt about the situation.

When I am open and honest with myself first, I can then convey my feelings to my partner with confidence. My relationship is stronger because I first had a conversation with me.

Today, I prepare for communication with my partner by first talking with myself. I choose to take the time to vent any frustrations and sift through unnecessary dialogue in my own conversation before I have it with my partner.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Have I thought through what I want to communicate to my partner?
  2. Have I had the conversation with myself first?
  3. How did the conversation with myself lead to a better communication experience?


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