5 Spring Relationship Tips






  1. Make time to connect and talk.

We all have very busy lifestyles these days, so it is easy to forget to make time to sit with our partners and just communicate. This is one of the most important foundations to being in a healthy relationship, so you need to set aside time to connect with your partner.

2. See conflict as an opportunity for your relationship to grow.

It is common for couples to see conflict as being bad for their relationship. Some conflict can be bad for a relationship if it is abusive. However, I encourage you to consider conflict as an opportunity for your relationship to grow and mature.


  1. Celebrate and be thankful

Practicing gratitude for all the positive aspects of your relationship. This includes appreciating the everyday small things that you acquire from being in the relationship.


  1. 1 + 1 = 1 = 0

One of the most common and destructive misconceptions about relationships. Particularly in long term one’s is that two individuals should become one. The main problem is that when you become one with another person you lose your sense of self.


  1. Practice the 3 R’s.

It is common for couple’s to communication only using 2 R’s Receive-React. One partner sends a message and the other reacts in a reactive or defensive way.


To break the cycle, you need to slow down the interactions. Best way is to stop reflect on the message before you respond. The 3 R’s Receive-Reflect- Respond




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Ann Jay

Ann Jay is a Wellington Relationship Counselor who provides marriage counselling, couple's counselling, and relationship coaching for couples and women either in a relationship or single. Her goal is to help people create healthy, loving and fulfilling relationships and experience the love they deserve.