Benefits of Skyping a Relationship coach or therapist from anywhere.


Benefits of Skype relationship coaching and Counselling..

  • Skype relationship coaching/counselling can be done from the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Skype relationship coaching/counselling eliminates the expense of travel costs.
  • Skype coaching/counselling reduces the time required for seeking out professional help as there is no travel time required.
  • Skype relationship coaching/counselling is cheaper to purchase than face-to-face relationship coaching/counselling in person.
  • Ideal for couples who want to attend together but cannot due to work commitments or child care needs.
  • If you need babysitters to leave the house, Skype relationship coaching/counselling removes this need.
  • Life and relationship coaching consultations via Skype are also more easily accessible for clients.
  • It doesn’t matter how far away you live from me, you can still use me as your coach or counselor.
  • Due to the convenience of Skype, time flexibility can be greater than with face-to-face relationship coaching or counselling.
  • Clients who feel too low to leave the house can access personalised professional help without leaving their home.


Ann Jay

Ann Jay

Ann Jay is a Wellington Relationship Counselor who provides marriage counselling, couple's counselling, and relationship coaching for couples and women either in a relationship or single. Her goal is to help people create healthy, loving and fulfilling relationships and experience the love they deserve.